Piglet, Weaner, Roasters and Butcher Size $150 and up We have a great selection of Gilts and Burrows to choose from.All our pigs are healthy and fed protein grain pellets34 Berkshire 14 Mangalitsa 34 Red Wattle 14 DurocBlue Butt 12 Berkshire 12 Hshire 100 Pure Blue Butt 100 Berkshire $150 and upPrefer contact via textTag Words Heritage, Berkshire, Mangalitsa, Hshire, Yorkshire, Blue Butt, Duroc...
5 Baby Guinea Pigs, the first 2 are female, the last 3 are male. (2 whites, female is a Dark eyed white, male is a pink eyed white, all others are Abby/American mix) The whites are ready to GO (they turned 3 weeks Sunday) The others will be 3 weeks this coming Sunday.
Guinea pigs I raise cavies also known as guinea pigs for showing and pets. • Rehoming fee between 10 and 30 dollars • Long haired and short haired breeds • Pedigreed depending on animal • Rare dilute and intense colors I have babies right now in Peruvian which is long haired and Americans which have short haired. 209-346-2925