13-Aug-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Hello. I am looking for a futon frame. Either wood or metal;as long as it it decent condition. Can do pick up after 5pm during the week or pretty much anytime on the weekend.
13-Aug-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Hello. I am looking for a small tricycle for my grandson if somebody has one to get rid of. In good working order, please. Thank you very much!
12-Aug-2018Tracy, CA +15 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: If anyone has a king size mattress and box spring that is in good condition I can really use one. If it is not to much to ask if it could be brought to me because I don't have any way to get it to my house. Thank you in advance.
12-Aug-2018Tracy, CA +15 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has any ladies clothing for size 18-20 that you don't need anymore I would gladly take them and mens jeans 34x30, 34x32 shirts xl. Thank you in advance.
11-Aug-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Hi, looking for a cat tree in good condition. Around a medium size? Please be in Modesto or surrounding cities. Thanks for reading.
10-Aug-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Hello Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am sorry I know this is long. I am a preschool teacher here in the county and I am looking for a good, working, used camera that I can use this year to take pictures as required by the district. If anyone has one they are no longer using I would appreciate it so I don't need to purchase it from my classroom budget and I will be able to focus t...
4-Aug-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Hi. I m looking for a dresser if anybody has one to give away. I would like it if it was in decent shape. Thanks.
30-Jul-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Need cds for an art project. If you have a stack that you need gone, I will gladly re-purpose them. It can be scratched and such... not a problem. Thanks in advance.
30-Jul-2018Tracy, CA +15 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am in need of a trundle bed and some bunk beds. Frames only I already have the mattresses. Thank you in advance, Diana
29-Jul-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
I'll gladly take the scraps off your hands. They are good for art projects Thanks
26-Jul-2018Tracy, CA +15 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am in need of a used good condition refrigerator. If anyone has a spare one that they don t use it anymore or bought a new one and would like to give away their old ones. I would kindly appreciate it! Thank you so much in advance for all your great help! Best regards, Aleena
Clothing for back to school girls it's hard to be able to afford school clothes when I have to be paying everything
22-Jul-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of a 24 inch pet crate
19-Jul-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Canning Jars for peaches, quart or near that size. I'll consider any that you have. I am an amateur and need whatever canning supplies you may have and are not using. Thank You
18-Jul-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
looking for some canning jars, small jam jars, about a dozen maybe. I"d like to have them with lids, if possible. Thanks..
14-Jul-2018Modesto, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
I would like interesting pieces of wood appropriate to plant succulent plants on them. Could be drift wood or branches, from about 6" long to about 2 feet.
8-Jul-2018Tracy, CA +15 milesItems Wanted
Single mom looking for a working washing machine doesn't matter if it's old or banged up as long as it works. The only wash your I had broke and at this time I cannot afford you a new one or used one. Thank you
Wanting to make healthier snacks
I'm in desperate need of a fifth wheel travel trailer or RV I have to move in less a week and I have no place to stay if there's anybody that can help me I'd greatly appreciate it thank you
For art projects.
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